Hello world!

Our family is going on an adventure and moving to Knoxville, TN.

I’ll post about the move, setting up home, the scenic views and my view take on starting over in a community after almost 50 years as a Chicago gal.

I’ve got dear family and friends that want to know how’s it going, so I’ll post updates at smokymountainviews for all to see.

Leave a comment and I may even post more often.  Thanks for checking in!

And we’re off!

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7 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Love this new blog! I look forward to hearing about how the move went and all the fun, new and fabulous friends you, Tom and the boys are making!
    best of luck to the Stewarts!!

  2. Musical Karen says:

    Carol…starting a blog is such a great idea! Love your blog name….. Look forward to checking in on your exciting new adventure. Congratulations & Bless your heart!

    • stewcarol says:

      Hey, I wouldn’t have the clever blog name without your brainstorming in Rhinelander. The posts are motivating me to do some things and take some pictures. Fun to hear from family too! Sue’s here the week of 8/14 and there will be more legitimate Smoky Mountain Views!

  3. Sandi Kemerling says:

    It’s all good! Happy you are reunited and made it safely to your new home. Which by the way is fabulous. Keep the photos coming and growing reports from all the T Stewart’s. Love you guys!

  4. Julie says:


    Loved reading the blog. You have so many hidden talents! Now you can add blogger to the list. Great to see things are going so “swimmingly”. The place looks fabulous!! Can’t wait to visit and see it in person.


  5. Sandi Kemerling says:

    Not sure if I’m doing this right! I didn’t realize I had to click on follow! All this great info, and pictures I’ve been missing. Thanks to Mom she explained I had to click follow! Thanks Mom! Now I’ll be stalking you! Love it, love you guys, miss you and hoping to see you in the months to come. Your home and area looks amazing! We look forward to visiting, hopefully sooner than later!

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