A New View

After driving to Cincinnati and staying overnight, we made it to Knoxville on Thursday late afternoon.


A big empty home looked spacious and Tom was happy to see us.  His single patio chair, end table and tv were about to get company.


I woke up early Friday morning to wait for the moving truck expected at 7am.


The view from the living room window is beautiful.  A southeast view toward the Smoky Mountains.

Moving day temps were in the 90’s.  Konrad the driver was exceptional.  He made a difficult moving process doable.

Two guys helped him unload a gazillion and one boxes.  Kids began unpacking and stacking.

I tried to hang near the entry to answer the hundreds of “Maam, Maam?” requests for directions where things went.

When in doubt, “Bonus room” was the default as it picked up the place of our old first floor office, basement and utility room storage (and new attic and laundry room are off of the bonus room).

The movers left at 6pm and we continued the unpacking.  It was difficult to move and walk at the end of the day…exhausted!

But, it’s starting to look like home.  Though some views remain unchanged.


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One Response to A New View

  1. That view looks like it should be a painting or a poster! Gorgeous! I remember when we moved and falling into bed that evening, I don’t think I had ever been so tired!
    Truly loving your blog.

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