First Things First

Well, it seemed obvious, focus on unpacking the first floor living spaces first.  Get rid of the boxes we see most of the day in the family room, kitchen and dining room.  But, I reminded myself, don’t overdo it and burn out.  Have some fun throughout the day, get outside a bit (it’s hot out there, but not unlike some of the hot Chicago summer days), swim a bit, check out the garden, check in briefly with work online, and then empty another box.  Everyone has pitched in and we are making a dent.

Not much is hung on the walls yet and I’m still working on window treatments, but we have a solid start on the family room, living room, dining room and kitchen.  Here is where we are now.





Boys have started tackling their rooms, but my bedroom boxes remain untouched except for a toiletries box.  Some may say, get in there and get the second floor done!  But, next week I’m back to work remote for the same company and will have a hectic week training my replacement over the phone/webinar.  So, today was officially a “no box” day and we headed to Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains to check out the views.  I brought my camera, of course.

Tom is working and adjusting to the company culture of shirts and ties each day.  He is loving his gourmet home cooked meals (burgers, steaks, and tonight is eating out since 4 dinners at home in a row would be overdoing it).  Mostly he is enjoying watching the Olympics with the family and having the boys around.

OK, I am officially talking to myself here so back to the Olympics (and not unpacking boxes).

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2 Responses to First Things First

  1. Northwoods Sue says:

    You will have nothing for me to do when I get there based on the togetherness of you pictures!! It looks great!!

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