Not all Sunrises and Rainbows

Lest everything appear all rosy and just right, let me share a few of the less exciting developments of this move…

–          The sun does not shine every morning.  I was surprised to find a cloudy sky one morning.  Hmmm…


–          Air conditioning needed repairs on Tom’s first weekend here, making it very WARM welcome.  Much better now,

–          TN is hot.  Not much worse than this Chicago summer hot, but it is certainly toasty in the sun.  We are very suspicious of my car thermometer which usually says 83  or 87, when it feels like 98.  Sitting outside, cushions are usually a tad damp with the humidity.   Hey, I’m supposed to be boosting tourism here, did I mention you can cool off in the pool next week Sue and Randy?


–          Pool, yes that is a new large appliance for the Stewart family.  Pumps, drains, skimmers, electricity, water bills, leaks, repairs, and lots of wet towels.  Still getting the hang of how it works and how to keep it all working.  There is a gorgeous crape myrtle bordering the center of the pool.  Lovely to look at, but clearly a case of form over function because guess where all those pink petals fall?  I realize these are good problems to have.

–          Bugs, ants, spiders and oh how they love escaping the southern heat by hanging around inside (my boys are not spider people and are real sissies when it comes to daddy long legs).  Tom and boys battled a “bat” that followed Kevin in from the pool one night that was flying around the family room,  It ended up being a very large (and frightened) cicada.  Terminex was here last Friday morning and we haven’t had any little friends in the kitchen lately.  My fifth friend, the terminex guy.

–          It takes a little while to drive places.  A main road near our home is under repair for ONE year and while scenic detours are nice, once I’m on the clock with carpool and work, I could sure use that road to get to the main highway.  But it’s a more laid back attitude here…working on adopting that in my free time.


–          No basketball hoop for Kevin for his first week!  We checked out a local gym that has tennis, open gym basketball court and good workout equipment.   Our sloping driveway made a standup net questionable, but his two grandmas and grandpa splurged for an early birthday gift and Brian and I assembled ourselves (another story for another day.)

–          One night we played the basketball game HORSE to see who could get knocked out first by missing baskets.  I demanded a change of the name of the game for me since I was offended when I’d missed two or three baskets and the boys enjoyed telling me I was HO or HOR. Kevin suggested the five letter word MOMMY, much better.   Tom didn’t go for his own rebound one time thinking one of us would grab it, which caused the ball to travel down the driveway, down the street, around the corner, down the boulevard…people in a front yard down the block called out “yeah, we saw it go that way” as Tom and Kevin were jogging to try and follow the ball.  Kevin reminded Tom that was his $50+ game ball they were chasing.  I grabbed the car and we found the ball resting along the curb about 4 blocks away.  Funny situation we were laughing about, and agreed from now on Tom would NOT miss his rebound.  I do believe this will boost Kevin’s rebounding quickness and agility.

–          Finally, I am BACK TO WORK remote this week and that’s a whole new vibe.  Love working from home, but it’s been an adjustment to say the least.  Is it almost Friday?  My sister complained there’s been no blog post for three days…I’m a working gal again…but here you go sis, gotta give the people what they want.

Thanks for listening.  And just like all the service people around here end their phone calls…“Have a Blessed Day.”

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5 Responses to Not all Sunrises and Rainbows

  1. Those don’t sound like problems…it all still sounds wonderful. And I love how you are adjusting to everything, as is your lovely family. More visitors! Yes, the Steward family is blessed indeed. See how much people miss you! Me included! xoxo

  2. Kathy says:

    Love the basketball story. Reminds me of “On Top of Spaghetti…”.

  3. Northwoods Sue says:

    I was NOT the sister who complained verbally (or written)…….but I was sure thinking it!! Love the update…..and yes, we are looking forward to cooling off in your pool, petals or not. We didn’t get over 70 yesterday, so we are looking forward to feeling the ‘summer’ again!!

  4. Lisa says:

    Carol love the stories! Some things are common no matter where you liveTGIF! Sounds like you will adjust to whatever crosses your path

  5. Musical Karen says:

    You found another friend! The Terminex man……..hope you don’t start to “bug” each other…….Since the boy’s didn’t like your idea of using the 5 letter Mommy when shooting hoops, what about using GUMBY? Keep the updates coming!

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