And Then There Were Three

And he’s off!  Brian and I flew to University of Minnesota Tuesday for his freshman year drop off.  The four of us had a farewell dinner on Monday night at Brian’s pick, Mellow Mushroom.  He was had 3 suitcases packed and was in good shape, except for the computer we ordered through the business school that caused about 30 emails and 10 hours of phone calls in the last week.  Long story, but suffice it to say the computer should be on his desk in Minnesota tomorrow night in time for his fantasy football draft (his primary concern).

Thank you to Tom’s brother Keith and sister in law Beth, who stored a pile of his bulky items this summer in Minnesota.  They live on Lake Minnetonka about a half hour from campus, and we dropped by to pick up our things on our way to the university.  We had an official drop-off time, but we were early so avoided a crowd and hauled two large carts to my car and filled the contents of his next nine months into them.  He is in a historic (.e. very old) dorm called Pioneer, the only non-air conditioned dorm on campus.  Well, well!

He is in a suite with 4 guys, but not exactly the kind of suite I’m used to.  Basically a room with four desks, with two short hallways (rooms) off of it with bunk beds, drawers and a slim wardrobe cabinet.

The building is from the 1930’s I believe, and the electrical wiring appears more in line with students in the early 1900’s versus the technology kids from today.  Seems there will be many extension cords and surge protectors lining the walls.  It was very hot, and I was trying to keep my cool while storing a large suitcase full of sweatshirts and sweatpants under the bed.

The floor coordinator dropped by with a cheery hello, and was the one to point out that Brian had the only dorm without A/C , but there were advantages in the winter when the place has better heat regulation and stays very comfortable.   Come on January!

Since I was early, I only got to meet one suite-mate, but look forward to meeting the others when we visit Sept 21-23 (weekend BEFORE parents weekend, on my friend Cheryl Ryan’s tip, thank you very much…avoid the crowds and packed restaurants, go visit another weekend).  There were a lot of nice young people up and down the co-ed floor.

Brian seemed very happy to be there and content with the space, and got busy getting organized.  Of course, I remember back to my college days and the joyous feeling of freedom that trumped any small inconveniences of lodging.  I helped with most unpacking, took a few pictures and said goodbye.   Next stop was meeting another parent for dinner at Brits Pub, after checking into the Hyatt.  Now this was a room I could get used to.

I took a picture out the window, Minneapolis is a lovely city and I know Brian will be very happy there.   The university is just on the other side of the river from the downtown shown below.  It is a leafy green campus tucked just outside a major city.  He will cross the Mississippi river daily on his way from the dorms to his classes.  More campus pictures when the three of us fly down for a visit and Syracuse football game in September.

I headed back to Knoxville on Wednesday morning and it feels good to be back.  Kevin and Tom are gearing up for fantasy football season, with the draft Friday night.  Kevin’s school is doing well and he starts basketball fall ball tonight.  Tom’s work is going well and he is settling into the swing of things.  My work has moved into a part time remote role through December which works for me.  The fact that we are a smaller family of three living together hasn’t really set in yet, though fortunately, I really like the two that are left!  I woke up this morning to another beautiful sunrise, and the beginning of another great day.

Hope this finds everyone looking forward to a long weekend.  Have a wonderful Labor Day.

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2 Responses to And Then There Were Three

  1. Aunt "B" says:

    As usual, great blog Carol….I think you could very easily be writer somewhere in your future. Always look forward to your blogs and keeping us almost a part of the action. Luv ya, Aunt B

  2. Great blog…and just got a bit teary thinking of you dropping off your eldest at college. Bunk beds? I guess it would be too optimistic to think that each both for a set himself? Hopefully Brian is on the bottom bunk. Brits Pub is our favorite in Minneapolis. And happily, they serve Stella, which is a note to you and Tom, not Brian. 🙂
    Best of luck Brian and best of luck Carol…it’s an exciting time for Brian, and you’ll be so looking forward to that weekend when you see him.
    Have a great labor day weekend, my dear friend!

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