Visited a New Friend Today

Well, sort of a friend.  I like her a lot, though she had never met me before.  I found her blog ( a little over  two years ago and can’t remember where I got the reference.  May have been Rhoda’s Southern Hospitality or Meg’s Whatever blog, but as soon as I started reading I was hooked.

Edie is a God loving, creative lady with a bee-u-ti-ful home.  And I was as shocked as the rest of her readers when I learned just before Christmas two years ago her home burned to the ground from an accidental fire.  Then, I followed her story rebuilding her life, never giving up on God, keeping the faith, and recreating a stunning home in Tennessee.

When we realized we were moving to TN, I knew there were a few southern gals whose blogs I read.  I thought of Rhoda (Southern Hospitality) who I’ve “known” since way back when my kids were little and I was decorating my home on a dime during their nap times, but she is from Georgia.  Or The Lettered Cottage, but Layla was from Alabama.  I kept my eyes open as I was surfing blogs, and realized Edie was the TN gal I “knew.”  When I saw an invite on her blog last week for any local TN gals to come to a Java and Jewelry party today, I knew it was on my very short list of things to do.  Edie responded to my email (she had asked on her website to email her if you were local and could prove you weren’t an ax murderer and she would send you her address).  She said to come on down and she couldn’t wait to show me a warm southern welcome to TN.

I looked forward to it all week.  Tough week moving oldest to college, but at the end of the week I had an adventure to look forward to.  I had a skip in my step as I headed toward the car driving Kevin to school today, knowing that my “friends” home was just an hour away from his school.  We saw a rainbow leaving our neighborhood, and I commented it would be a lucky day and I had a jewelry party to go to.  He was happy for me, though surprised I wasn’t wearing more jewelry (hey, gotta leave my neck open for the jewels I need to try on, and he was right, I do need a new necklace!)

The drive was lovely, as so many drives around TN are.  I listened to the homemade cd from a girls trip to Florida earlier this year (thank you Julie M) and took in the gorgeous scenery that got even better as I pulled up on the quiet road to Edie’s home.

I was punctual at 9am, since I had a 10:30 work conference call to be on, so I’d have to get my visit on quick.   The rest of the visit was a blast.

Edie is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out.  I was a smidge star struck yet had enough decorum to not ask for a photo of the two of us or an autograph  (though I did get permission to share these pics.)  Go check out her blog and see the real deal.   My pictures do not do her home justice.  She has the recipe up for soup that might be what you can see in the bottom corner of the picture below.

I thoroughly enjoyed being shown around her home with a few other delightful (southern) ladies.  Stunning!  Just my cup of tea.  Though, I had coffee, and the most delicious homemade iced banana/spice bread I’ve ever had.

I asked Edie if she had piles somewhere we couldn’t see, or was she the kind of person that didn’t sit still till things were in their proper place.  She laughed and admitted she’d been cleaning up her craft room piles that morning (papers, bills, books, stuff), so I appreciated that she’s normal.

I loved her artwork, plants, sculptures, view, architectural molding, eyes, smile, boots, porch, garden, but probably most significantly, you could just sense a faithful God loving woman when you met her.

Despite all the beauty she created around her, you could just tell this was a person who wanted to share what she had, give you something to enjoy with her, and laugh and smile through life’s trials.

I’m running out of adjectives for this next picture, the view of the lake.  Magical.

Well as you can tell, this hour had an impact on me.  I ate it up and it definitely filled my cup.  I purchased a few lovely items, said thank you, and took a few garden photos on my way out (what are those great mounding yellow flowers??)

Next stop, I hit the JC Penny mall about 20 minutes away for their Wi-Fi lounge area and my 2-hour conference call.  Not bad for a Friday morning!

Dear Lord, thank for you for all the good things in my life, including my dear family, wonderful long time friends, and a new “friend” that really made my week.  Thank you God and thank you Edie!  (note to my crafty sisters…needlepoint project below…love it.)

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One Response to Visited a New Friend Today

  1. Kathy Carroll says:

    Great post. Wow. So good for you to drive an hour to meet someone you haven’t met in person, for a jewelry party! This must definitely be why God gives women multiple children (sometimes). I would have never in a million years done such a thing. And yet you did and I can see how much you got out of it. Beautiful surroundings, in and out. Whoa. Love the embroidered sampler.

    You are sure living life. Go girl.

    smokymountainviews wrote: > stewcarol posted: “Well, sort of a friend. I like her a lot, though > she had never met me before. I found her blog ( a > little over two years ago and can’t remember where I got the > reference. May have been Rhoda’s Southern Hospitality or Meg’” >

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