This and That From Knoxville

We’re having a good week in Knoxville after a great three day weekend.  Wow, that felt good having time off with no particular thing to do. Of course Friday night was the long awaited Fantasy Football draft.  Lots of planning went into this.  In the past, Tom and Brian shared a team, but Brian is on his own this year with the team name “Gopher Gold.”  Tom and Kevin are sharing a team called “Hard Knox.”  Such clever guys.  We are facing the battle of the Mannings this year: Brian’s QB is Eli and Tom/Kevin have old man Payton.  May the best Man(ning) win.

We headed downtown Knoxville on Sunday to check out Boomsday, “the largest Labor Day festival in the Nation.”

Fireworks weren’t till 9:30 and some people were camped out early along the river.

There were food vendors and music along the road just outside the UT stadium.  Kevin had a sandwich and then we headed to the air conditioned Calhouns for appetizers.   This is a pretty city along the TN river!

I started another list of things to do, and grill cleaning is on it.  Lovely outdoor stainless steel grill, very rusty.  I saw a tip on the Barkeepers Friend product and got as far as the top left panel before I needed to take a rest.  But, I snapped a shot, always ready for a good before and after picture.  Forgot to take the before picture before I cleaned the top left, but got the before of the rest of the grill and the after of the top left.  May motivate me to do the rest for another after shot!

Brian called and is doing well at school.  He has all his books and has been to his classes, and mentioned he’s been to the library, the food is good, and he had to cut the conversation short and go play volleyball.

He said the freshman orientation was good.  One day all freshman showed up at the football stadium to learn the schools chants and cheers.

What a small world, I do believe that is Brian second guy to the right of the group of girls!  These pictures are from U of M facebook fan page.

They stood on the field for a Class of 2016 photo and listened to the head football coaches speak to the freshman class.

If we did this at NIU, I must have been at the library and missed it.  I don’t recall fireworks or a freshman orientation for that matter!  I do remember our parents leaving after freshman year dropoff and my roommate Julie and I walking along the road near the dorm, fist pumping and shouting “We are FREE!”

He thinks he will be at most of the tailgating and he and friends plan to buy tickets to go to  a couple of games.  Sounds like what I did in college (minus going into the games).  They passed legislation at University of Minnesota in 2012 to sell beer and wine at college games to the general public, and anyone under 30 will be carded.  I think that is reasonable.

Final photos this week are from Lakeshore Park, just minutes from Kevin’s school dropoff.  Gorgeous view along the 2 mile walking path.  I’m on a new kick to get in shape and this is a treat along the way.  Have a great week and…TGIF!


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3 Responses to This and That From Knoxville

  1. Northwoods Sue says:

    Sounds like a great week. Keep investigating Knoxville for our next visit. AND, come clean my grill, please.

  2. Aunt "B" says:

    And I always thought that stuff was just for lonely bartenders?????? Some day I’m going to get a real life, enjoyed this as much as the other ones. You make it like a mini vacation via Carol…..

  3. GRANDMA JAN says:

    Great visit via blog. sounds like all is well. Just returned last night and I’m still in jet lag. Nice trip.
    Next visit will be to Knoxville. Looks like you’re really taking advantage of all the beautiful surroundings. How much farther have you gotten on the grill ???

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