Univ of Minn Visit

We visited Brian at college last weekend.   Wise friend Cheryl R. advised to visit the weekend before or after parents weekend to avoid the crush.  We went the weekend before and had a great time.

Connecting flight via Charlotte made for a little more travel than we’d like, but it was totally worth it.  Have I mentioned how lovely the Knoxville airport is?  Bubbling brook down the center aisle, about a two block walk from end to end of the airport? Come see it!

We stayed on campus and took Brian and roommates to lunch at Brits Pub.

Nice group of guys.  Suitemates are from the area, within 1 hour of Minneapolis, and roommate is from Rolling Meadows (they were introduced by a friend and signed up to be roommates).  Enjoyed seeing their rapport, and they teased that Brian was the heaviest weekend sleeper. The were a clever bunch, one of them suggested a picture closer to the dorm entrance so you could see the entry architecture and the “1930” founding stone at the bottom left.

After lunch we visited their dorm at Pioneer Hall, the oldest dorm at U of M.  The room looked great, they had rearranged it from the original configuration.

They added a futon, moved one desk to a bedroom, hung some posters and had plenty of storage.  They do use the space to study and watch tv.  Brian then gave us a three hour tour of the campus, taking us from the student union to most of his classroom buildings, including the Carlson School of Management.

The quad between older buildings, he has a class in one of these old buildings.

Patio outside the student union.

Has a math lecture in this cool modern building.  He was an excellent tour guide, showing us interesting spots along the way and throwing in details about his schedule we enjoyed hearing.

We crossed the Mississippi as he does multiple times a day.  There is a cool “shoe tree” at one end of the bridge.

We took a quick buzz through the art museum on campus and saw some nice displays, including this awesome thing made out of balloons.

Tom took the opportunity to relax in a spinning lounge chair in a room of nude paintings.

That night we went to a football game and that was a blast.  The TCF Bank stadium is newer and we had a good view from the corner.

Brian was with friends in the student section, which was rowdy and entertaining.  Minnesota has been having a good season (before meeting any Big 10 challenges), and we saw a victory.   Nice knit hat below (picture for knitter sisters.)

Cold beer, hot dogs, pretzels, peanuts, half time show and college football on a crisp fall night was fun.

Final stop on Sunday was to pickup Brian and head to Buffalo Wild Wings for football.  Lots of banter about fantasy football strategies and we enjoyed being a foursome again for a short time.  They begged me to take this picture for old time sake (not.)

The waitress took our drink order and asked if we wanted to start with appetizers, and Kevin quickly piped up that we’d start with chips and salsa.  As she walked away, Brian said, whoah, whoah, what, now you’re in charge?  Kevin quipped, we’ve made a few changes around here since you left.  It was funny and good to see the two of them in their element.

I offered to take Brian to Target or make a run for anything he needed, but he was content and felt he had everything he needed.  That would be the word I’d sum up for him, content at college, which is a good place to be.

He is enjoying his independence, doing well in classes, has joined club volleyball (practice 2 nights a week, first tournament in Madison Oct. 13), and is dating a nice girl from MN he’s been friends with and took to prom.  Good to see him happy on his own.

Back to Knoxville late Sunday night, and that wasn’t all bad.  Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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7 Responses to Univ of Minn Visit

  1. GRANDMA JAN says:

    Glad you had a great weekend , Brian looks happy, so glad. I’m sure Mom & Dad feel better seeing him content and adjusted to college life.

  2. GRANDMA JAN says:

    p.s. Haven’t gotten that far on my knitting, leaving that to Karen.

  3. Sandi Kemerling says:

    I just love your BLOG! Very fun and creative. What a great weekend you had.I had no doubt but great to hear and see. Loved the picture of Bri and Kevin, and you, Tom and Bri. Love love love it!
    And loved your plug for the Knoxville Airport! We would love to visit, but airfare is out of sight! Probably won’t be able to come for awhile, but we do look forward to it. Love to all!

  4. Musical Karen says:

    Great update! The campus looks like a great place for Brian! The close up photo of his suitemates is great, they look like nice kids. Funny that Kevin piped up to order first…..things must be a-changing. I am sensing a hat hint. Love to knit Brian a hat in UM colors…..

  5. Aunt "B" says:

    You’ve done it again !!!! reading through your blog is similar to taking a weekend vacation. Love all the pictures and comments. UM appears to be a beautiful school and it is great to know that Brian has adapted to it with ease. Would like the story behind the “shoe tree”. There has to be a story for the reason for the shoes to be tossed into the tree….. Take care until the next blog.
    Luv, Aunt B

  6. Sandi Kemerling says:

    I too would love the story of the shoe tree! I’ve seen them in other areas and know their stories but I am guessing each is different.

  7. Northwoods Sue says:

    Hurray, another look into the life of the Stewarts. Love the pictures and the play by play. Brian looks great (not that the rest of you don’t). How was the band…….? Let’s connect soon?

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