Celebrating Friendship – Girls Weekend

My feet have just landed back on the ground.  Eight college girlfriends flew into Knoxville from Chicago and Portland last Thursday for a long weekend we called “Celebrating Friendship.”

I’ve been on a happy memory buzz ever since.  This group of ladies met freshman year of college at NIU, some of us go back to grade school or high school, others were new college floor mates from Stevenson South floor 5.

Not a brat or bore in the bunch, we laughed and ate and drank our way through a weekend of sightseeing, Smoky Mountains, spa treatments, and fabulous camaraderie.

An old work associate once talked about being around people who “fill your cup,” and stepping away from others that “empty your cup.”  You know how some people just make you feel good just by being around them, and you walk away happier because you were with them?  Multiply that times 8 and it describes what we each experienced last weekend.

I’m playing catch up with work, school and home means I will come back and share more stories and pictures soon.   We have tons of photos we all took this weekend, and mine were the weakest but are included here for a quick glimpse of the weekend.   Here’s a few highlights….

They flew in late Thursday night, and when we got to my home they wanted a quick tour before we pulled names to see who slept where.  Tom and Kevin had taken off for the weekend to Asheville, NC so we had the place to ourselves.

Friday morning we ditched the initial plan to get up early and hit the Smokies, and instead enjoyed our coffee and continental breakfast then did a tour around downtown Knoxville, including World’s Fair Park.

That afternoon, girls either had their nails done or had a massage.  We divided and conquered while some hit the grocery store, liquor store and bakery, and headed back to our home for a casual night of happy hour, heavy appetizers, music, a bit of dancing poolside and a lot of laughs.

Saturday morning we hit the mountains and all were awed by the natural beauty of this great national park.

That evening, we had a sit down dinner in the dining room, and shared more wonderful memories and laughs.

Sunday was bittersweet.  So happy we’d had the time together, and all a bit sad we couldn’t do this for a living.  We went down to Volunteers Landing to walk along the Tennessee River, then headed back to downtown Knoxville, an area we wanted to explore a bit more.  After lunch, I dropped them at the airport, and thanked God for wonderful friendships I will treasure forever.

Back with more soon, have a good weekend, and wish the TN Volunteers luck…they are 0-3 and they face the Crimson Tide Alabama 3-0 this weekend  Gotta go find some orange to wear today so I don’t stick out like a sore thumb around town!

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7 Responses to Celebrating Friendship – Girls Weekend

  1. Sandi Kemerling says:

    Sounds amazing! And looks like great fun! You are truly blessed. I look forward to sharing in new memories with you as well in your new home, and TN. Hoping the boys had a great weekend as well. Love ya

    • stewcarol says:

      Hi Sandi, would love to share memories with you ANYWHERE, lol. Tom and Kevin had a ball in Asheville and did amazing Ziplining, and took exactly zero pictures of the weekend. Guys. But did come back with cool stories. See you soon.

  2. What a fun looking and beautiful group! So glad you were able to share your new home with your friends. Hoping to come to TN soon for my own fabulous Carol weekend!

    • stewcarol says:

      Terry, you know my door is always open and there will be special TO surprises when you arrive! Bring the kids, and I have a feeling every season here will have something cool to enjoy. We went to a Tennessee game last night, that was a very cool adventure. The gal sitting next to me was a blast and wants to get together for tennis in coming month. Slowly, slowly, making my connections. 🙂

  3. Northwoods Sue says:

    Can’t wait for more…….is it weird that I would love to hear how the room assignments worked out?

    • stewcarol says:

      Inquiring minds need to know! Not weird at all, I thought about how that would work out for a long time! Ask and ye shall receive…time to get going on day 1 update. Thinking of you Sue, wish you were here or I was there for weekend.

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