The Unspeakable and a Blog Friend

This blogging world is an interesting thing.  I’m still on the fence about what I’m blogging and why I’m doing it and what purpose it is serving.  I enjoy the creative outlet and the chance to write.  While I am in a new town and still finding my way, (met two new friends last night at neighborhood holiday party, yay) it keeps me in touch with friends and family.  Though, it is generally a one way conversation and seems a bit indulgent (apologies.)  Hey, time for all of you to start blogs, too, come on, get going!

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Some may view it as a waste of time, since surfing the web certainly can take up time that could be spent doing other things.  But, it has added much to my life, who I am, and what I enjoy doing.  I’ve “met” many amazing people, who have inspirational, witty, clever, educational and entertaining blogs.   I will sometimes comment on their blog, and have even exchanged emails with the authors.  I’ve met a few of my blog “friends” in person, and have not been disappointed.

Jan to Aug 2012 002Like when I visited the home of Edie in TN, who I met through her blog.  By the way, her beautiful home is featured in the January Better Homes and Garden magazine.

Jan to Aug 2012 019

I tend to gravitate to the blogs of moms that reveal an honest slice of life, share their ups and the downs, are crafty or into DIY home decor, are witty and somehow I end up finding faithful ladies that are open about their love of God.  One such friend had a blog I followed for several years and she was absolutely hysterical.  Then, life got in the way of blogging (this is a time intensive hobby!) and she announced six months or so ago that she was done blogging.  She was sorely missed by many and I’d occasionally see something that reminded me of Laura, and I’d wonder how she and her family with four kids were getting along.  They had relocated from the west coast to the east coast to be closer to family and raise their kids in a peaceful, rural community.  They moved to Newtown, CT about two years ago.

Jan to Aug 2012 413

As soon as I saw the news Friday, I recognized that city name.  And I knew she had a couple elementary aged kids.  While we had exchanged a few emails over the years, it was from an old email account I had and I lost touch with her.  Now I scanned the pictures on TV, so many horrible images, hoping to see her AND her children.  I left a message on a blog of someone I know is a good friend of hers, and thankfully got an email back confirming yes, this was Laura’s town, yes, this was her children’s school, and yes, her children were ok (thank you God) but it was a tragic situation.

As I told my family I had a friend from Newtown, they were a little puzzled.  They asked, you mean you read her blog, but she’s not a friend you know?  Ummm, no, not exactly.  I read her blog but have also exchanged emails with her, so see, she IS a friend.  The term or label to describe her probably isn’t important to agree on, but what I knew they understood was the sadness I felt that my blog/friend/acquaintance/person/Laura and her entire community must suffer through this horrible event.  I have a connection to a mom who is living a nightmare right now.

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I have a glimmer of hope, though, because Laura is a faithful person.  When she moved to Newtown, she would tell funny stories of dropping her kids at school then going to the 9am mass many days.  A number of the older church ladies embraced her, and their encouragement gave this tired mom new energy.  She described how her faith in God was sometimes all she had at the end of an exhausting day when the car wouldn’t start, the bus driver glared at her for having to wait while she hustled her kids to the bus, kids forgot items for school or practices, and some other hassle from daily life threatened to bring her down.  All she had was her faith.  And a glass or two of red wine…which I liked about her.  I wish I could read what she would say now.  I wish I could tell her everything is going to be okay.  I wish I knew that her deep faith would bring her through this and give her the wisdom to bring her kids through it too.

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I’m pretty sure I saw her kids on the news coverage, maybe a video of her also, talking on a cell phone and walking briskly somewhere.  I read a statement she and her husband gave when interviewed (so I guess you could say I heard from her, lol), saying their 6-year old told them he saw kids on the floor sleeping.   That was a good way for him to understand things right now.  I am praying hard for Laura and her family and Newtown, CT.

I can’t solve the problem of violence and senseless killing.  Everyone’s got an opinion of what caused this.  No one’s right, no one’s wrong.  The internet and blogging have brought me closer to this tragedy, and put a name and face on those hurting now.  I hope we will all pray for the families in Newtown and for all those suffering in the world.  Maybe prayer can help us as much as them.  God bless Laura and her family.  Thanks for listening.


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One Response to The Unspeakable and a Blog Friend

  1. GRANDMA JAN says:

    Please…. don’t stop your blog, I so look forward to it and gives a sense of closeness
    Prayers have been offered since I heard the news , and will add a special prayer for your friend Laura… Not only those who lost , but the survivors, what a trauma for little children and thwir families. Love you

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