Call Back

I started reading a daily devotional about four years ago during the Lent season.  I stumbled into Streams in the Desert at a Christian bookstore thanks to the high school sales clerk who pointed it out, explaining he’d never read it but he knew they sold a lot of them.  Not trying to get preachy or all religious here, but it is one of my favorite things and the way I start each day.

Dec 8 2012 010

It goes with me on vacations, business trips and pretty much my rule is… no computer or phone check before I read this with a cup of coffee.  The book was first released in 1925 and contains the “thoughts, quotations, spiritual inspiration which helped sustain Mrs. Charles E. Cowman during her years of missionary work in Japan and China — particularly the six years she nursed her husband while he was dying.” ( from the Publishers Foreward)  Sounds heavy but small stories and phrases speak to me.

Today’s writing was too good not to share, or at least it spoke to me.  If you haven’t noticed, I’m on a mountain kick.  Knoxville offers Smoky Mountain views from my home, the highway, traveling to basketball games in neighboring cities and the mountains are a thing of beauty.

Jan to Aug 2012 339

From today’s writing:

“Life is a steep climb, and it does the heart good to have somebody “call back” and cheerily beckon us on up the high hill.  We are all climbers together, and we must help one another.  This mountain climbing is serious business, but glorious.  It takes strength and steady step to find the summits.  The outlook widens with the altitude.  If anyone among us has found anything worthwhile, we ought to “call back.”

Jan to Aug 2012 415

So this is my “call back.”  I read this and thought of family and friends who have encouraged me or given me energy in trying times.

clingman dome spiral

And I thought, how can I call back today to help someone.  Starting with those in my home, then those I come across in my day to day, and then I thought of posting this here.  Maybe you need a call back to just keep going this week, one foot in front of the other.  You will get there!  Or maybe you’ll come across someone today who needs a call back.  Say something and you may never know how much it meant to that person (or how much it impacts you either.)

Dec 8 2012 032

Off to climb mountains and drive highways today!  We are happy that Brian is home for the holidays and the weather looks to a good break from the MN cold.

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3 Responses to Call Back

  1. Merry, Merry dear Carol! Happy you are enjoying having Brian home…
    Call back…love it!
    Climb every mountain!

  2. Northwoods Sue says:

    A great read!! Have a great holiday…..Rhinelander won’t be the same without the onslaught of people skating and sledding, but we’ll see you in IL on the 5th!!!

    • stewcarol says:

      Sue, we will miss Rhinelander more than Rhinelander will miss us, I’m sure of that. Or maybe we’re even. Will miss lazy winter days of puzzles, sledding, skating and snacks. We will be back, probably not this year though! Will see you in Chicago in a couple weeks. Love you Northwoods Sue!

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