70 Degrees in Knoxville

Whoah, it’s going to be 70 degrees in Knoxville today!


Picture above is from the pretty park just south of Market Square in downtown Knoxville.  Which I want to get to this weekend before oldest returns to college next Sunday.

Before I begin gloating, I had a thought.  If it is 70 in January, what is the weather going to be in June?  120 degrees in the shade?  Hey, I’ll take the mild temps.  Pansies are still blooming in gardens all around here, quite lovely.  It is rainy though, so not sure how much time we will spend out on the patio other than grilling some dinner.  I keep thinking I’m going to take down and store the umbrellas, but at this point not sure I will.  Ok, done gloating.  I can see my Chicago friends will have a mild weekend as well in the 50’s…enjoy!

Dec 8 2012 040

I’ve had a bad cold and cough this week, so it’s been a very slow start to the new year.  I do want to share soon about a great (quick, whirlwind) visit to Chicago and will do that this week.

Happy Saturday!

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3 Responses to 70 Degrees in Knoxville

  1. 120 in June will not be fun…but live in the moment, and enjoy the 70 degrees! You, more than anyone, know how to embrace the goodness of the day!
    Embrace dear friend, and loved, loved, loved seeing your dear Mom in the picture at your country club…that is a country club pool, isn’t it? 😉

    • stewcarol says:

      Actually, it is the pool at our bed and breakfast…I do hope you will come book a visit with us soon? Mimosas in the morning and cocktail hour each afternoon poolside at 4pm (will make exception and start earlier when you are in town.) 🙂

  2. Northwoods Sue says:

    Warm here too……high of 37. Rain this morning so our snow is looking very sad. Our ice rink is looking awesome, its actually the whole lake!!!! Hope you’re feeling well soon.

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