Knoxville Snow

What a joyful day!  The novocaine is still working but I gleefully had a root canal this morning.  I bit on an avocado stem oh, about 5 months ago, while eating some homemade guacamole and chips when we first arrived in Knoxville.  I won’t bore you with the dental details involving multiple dentists, temporaries, crowns, and an endodontist, but it’s been a wait and see situation, and I got tired of eating advil and waiting.  The endodontist thinks he solved the problem with the root canal today.  Fingers crossed!


Lots of excitement around here last week…snow!  After 4 days of lots of rain, the forecast was for temps to drop and a winter snow storm (southern style.)  Tom made a Walmart run for salt for our (steep sled hill) driveway.  With 100% chance of snow starting at 3pm, school was let out early at 12:30pm.  Sure enough, snow came at 3pm and fell for about 4 hours.  Lovely.  Better yet, it only accumulated on my patio chairs, and did not stick on the driveway.  Boys were thrilled, no shoveling of the sled hill was required.


And, announcement came out that school was cancelled the next day, Friday, making it a 4+ day weekend (MLK holiday Monday.)  Woo-hoo!  Tom made it home with a long, slow drive.  Apparently downtown Knoxville did get 3-4″ accumulation, and there is NO snow removal equipment in town.  Not a single snow plow from what I hear.  I commented to Kevin as we drove home from school before the big snow, in Chicago we would have seen snow plows camping out on the side of the road or in lots revving their engines and waiting for action.  Here I was surprised the bags of salt weren’t all lined up by the exit at Walmart, you had to go back deep into the garden section to find it.


The next morning, Tom texted that he had just slid down our street and straight into the intersection, which was fortunately empty, though he caught one small patch of pavement and turned just in time to avoid ending up in a lawn.  We now know what they mean when they say everyone freaks out when driving in snow around here.  Everything is hilly and there is no snow removal or formal road salting plan.  No wonder people are a tad panicked, it’s like going down a tobaggan hill in a car.  Sort of gets you a little on edge.  I thought everyone was just going to be poor drivers, slamming on breaks without any consideration of snow conditions.  I had not anticipated the impact of driving slowly and just sliding on down icy hills.   And yes, we are still uncertain of our plans to put away the patio furniture and umbrellas.  May not happen.

That afternoon the sun was out and all the ice melted.  We ran some errands and Kevin smiled and said “and this is a snow day.”  Sure, all the snow was gone, but there was no way the school buses could have been out safely that morning.  By Saturday morning, the sun was rising and by Sunday, temps were in the high 50’s.


We enjoyed a Univ of Tenn basketball win at the stadium on Saturday night.  Then Sunday dropped Brian off at the airport for his return to college after a great relaxing break.  Despite heading back to single digit temps in MN, he was happy to head back to school which was a good feeling for all of us.

I’m crocheting away on the striped afghan I started in Chicago and am enjoying watching the random pattern emerge.


We all learned to crochet from my dad’s mom, Grandma Alice, and I’ve picked up and put down projects over the years.  My two older sisters are committed knitters (Karen also crochets and quilts) and I’m not sure about my youngest sisters yarn skills (she’s got many other talents though.)  When my sisters guided me on buying 20 different skeins of yarn and did the starter row on this for me, I planned to lay them all out and number them in a pleasing pattern before I began.  No way, Jose, they said the only way to go is a completely random pattern.  Wise elders!  So far, so good, I dig into the bag without peeking for my next color.  Though I won’t deny the “controller” in me was a bid uncomfortable with those two mustard and gold colors among the last in the bag, meaning they would be close together.  But, as they say, Let Go and Let God…in the big stuff and the small.  Have a good week to all.

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6 Responses to Knoxville Snow

  1. Northwoods Sue says:

    Let me tell you about my yarn skills….I can do a single and double crochet stitch, but have not ventured (nor want to I think) to continue after a row. LOVE your project and love seeing how it has progressed since I saw you last.

    Congrats on the snow day, we had a ‘cold day’ here with schools being cancelled because of the cold weather. -22 degrees with -40 wind chill. It’s nice and sunny but pretty darn cold.

    Keep the patio furniture out…..give you hope that the warm weather is just around the corner!!

  2. Carol says:

    I’d hoped you’d tell me about your yarn skills Sue, that’s pretty much what I recalled. Knew you could do a chain one or double chain, atta girl. Wow, that is coooold and glad your schools were closed too. I like your plan on the patio stuff…

  3. Beautiful pics! And you have snow and in chicago we have NONE! I always get my fix, be it a laugh, inspriation, snow, or the desire to knit an afghan…I think the afgan urge will go away!
    as always, love the blog…and always look forward to sitting down to enjoy it!

  4. Aunt "B" says:

    Love the afghan – Granny Great was a great teacher of the art of crochet. Now that I have the time to do it, I have a hard time remembering how to do the patterns. I’m now like Sue, one long chain stitch from one end of the house to the other end. Maybe with a little super glue I could make them into a carpet????

    Love your pictures as usual.

  5. Sandi Kemerling says:

    Love reading about your new adventures! Funny story about Tom and the driveway, of course no damage to body or property is most important. Funny how weather happens!? I guess we could say nature happens! No matter where we live!! No shoveling is a gift.
    Love your afghan!! I’ ve always talked about it and still haven’t tackled it. Maybe someday….
    Love to you and your men 😉

  6. Thanks for your encouraging comment on my blog the other day! I’m new to blogging and have pretty much no idea what I’m doing. 🙂 Admiring your yarn skills. Knitting is on my list of skills to acquire. I attempted a scarf last winter, and as a result I have a ball of green yarn mess sitting in a bag. Also, what a pretty sunset pic on your wintry day!

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