Knoxville Summer

Well, I had the last date I last blogged in the back of my mind, April 23 (Happy Birthday Sue.)  I’ve had plenty to blog about but many excuses why I haven’t sat down to share the goings on around here.  Number one excuse, my laptop screen is shot and I have to use my laptop hooked up to an external monitor and sit in one place.  I don’t like sitting in one place!  I’m determined not to let two months go by without an update!  But, if I had sat down, here would be the things I would have blogged about…and I hope to come back and share more soon.

Colonial Williamsburg 8th Grade Field Trip

– chaperoned Kevin’s class, what an amazing group of kids.  Visited Monticello and Colonial Williamsburg, learned a lot and saw lots of inspiring gardens and decor

IMG_0560Noakes Sisters Do Knoxville

– would say the four of us had more fun together than we’ve had in a long time.  Lots of touristy adventures, beautiful Smoky Mountain wildflower walk, plenty of laughs and games and memories


Springtime Gardens

– it’s been a blast seeing what comes up in the gardens here, but parts of the yard are a real jungle!



– from visiting grandparents to final dance to graduation breakfast to graduation ceremony to last day of school, it was one quality event after another

IMG_0880Knoxville International Biscuit Festival (do not miss 2014)

– this tops the year’s list of best value entertainment and dining downtown Knoxville.  We went with the grandparents on a whim thinking we’d kill some time and it ended up being delicious and a lot of fun

IMG_0903Memorial Day Visit to Cincinnati Reds/Cubs Game and Churchill Downs

– We did a four-hour drive to Cincinnati overnight with Cubs game, then 2 hour drive to Louisville, KY for Churchill Downs racetrack (we miss Arlington but this was an awesome racing day), then 4 hours back home.  F-U-N


Summer Recipe Favorites

– grilling outside more and of course enjoying my sister Kathy’s poor man margaritas poolside (1/2 pitcher ice, add one light beer, add one can concentrate limeade, 1/3 can tequilla, 2 T. orange juice, serve in rocks glass with lots of ice and crushed limes)


Yes, Pool’s Open

– my job as pool girl never ends, we actually never covered our pool this “winter.”  So I’ve been keeping things clean and inviting pretty much round the clock.  Had a few lifesaving opportunities (chipmunks) unfortunately, not all successful.  Really had to wait until early June for the unheated water temperature to get to 78-80 degrees and now that it’s about 82 degrees it feels great on a warm day


Summertime Visitors do Knoxville 3 day Tour

– Brian’s girlfriend from MN visited and they did the rounds of the area and had a blast, including dining on Calhoun’s patio on the TN River


Knoxville Botanical Gardens

– Not quite the caliber of the Chicago Botanical Gardens but anytime you put this many paths, stonework, perennials, grasses, trees and benches in one area you can not go wrong and it was a lovely and free place to spend an hour or so


Crazy About Bee Balm

– I’ve been patiently waiting for the plants I transplanted from Arlington Heights to come back and bloom, and thankfully most of them made it.  My beloved bee balm that has gorgeous, tall red blooms just popped this week and I am crazy about this fast growing, spreading perennial (is it just me or should this iPhone photo I snapped be entered into a photo contest!?  Or am I indeed a little bee balm crazy?  Crap, I cut off the left edge, oh well, so much for photographer career)


Before and After

– Been working on plenty of outdoor gardens, hacking, whacking, dividing, trimming, watering and waiting.  Started with corner garden but making my way around the yard.  Our parents visiting in spring was a very positive experience for my garden.  My dad has never met an errant branch he’s afraid to lop off and my mother in law cut my first rose bouquet of the season.  Latest project are these overgrown bushes next to my front door…wouldn’t that be a nice place to sit and watch the sunrise?  I removed the bushes this week and the “after” is in progress, stay tuned!

IMG_0985So, I promise to be back before another two months go by, with some details of these blog posts that have been swimming around in my head.  Until then, happy summer!


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11 Responses to Knoxville Summer

  1. Sandi Kemerling says:

    I have missed your blogging. Welcome back! Great photos and memories! Doesn’t look like summer will bring us your way. Work is way too crazy! Looking at fall. Can’t wait to see you all and your new home and beautiful surroundings.
    Love to all

    • stewcarol says:

      Thanks Sandy, looking forward to being together in person soon! Hmmm…wine tasting and visiting you working at a vineyard doesn’t sound too bad to me. Love to all you too.

  2. Aunt "B" says:

    So nice to have you back and of course the pictures say as they say “a thousand words”. Great job Carol, look forward to more. Luv, Aunt B

    • stewcarol says:

      You’re so sweet and clever too Aunt B. Have a happy week and great July 4th. Remember visiting Danville many summers, and will be passing by there heading north to Rhinelander soon!

      • Aunt "B" says:

        Well our door is always open for a visit from your family – we’d love to have to stop by…

  3. Northwoods Sue says:

    Finally, I was wondering when I would be able to read about more than just Good and Plenty (although that is a tasty subject). Maybe your next blog will be about your trip Up North! Can’t wait. Just a few more days!

    • stewcarol says:

      I should bring some fresh Good and Plenty up north! Rhinelander and the floating relaxation station are excellent blogging subjects (photos cropped from waist up of course), and hopefully will be posted before November. Can’t wait!

  4. GRANDMA JAN says:

    Plenty of more summer to write about. Looking forward to your visit North. “A”int any cooler here”

  5. Everything looks wonderful! Your trip to Churchill Downs is a Must for your Christmas pic! I think I will have to enjoy one of those Margi’s myself! Looks like TN has embraced the Stewart Family…but we miss you dearly here in chicago!

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